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 Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy insurance from your company?
We offer:
  • low down payments
  • immediate coverage available for qualified applicants
  • monthly payment options
  • immediate SR 22 filings (where available)
  • fast ID card processing
  • towing and rental coverage available
  • multiple discounts available for qualified applicants

Where can I get information about my bill?

All States
877-499-8479 (Spanish Only Line)

How do I make a payment?
You can either make a payment at your agent's office, mail your payment to or pay online (

Affirmative Insurance Services
P.O. Box 9030
Addison, Texas 75001

All Legacy Policies
P.O. Box 9279
Oak Brook, IL 60522-9279

Who should I contact to change my policy?
Call your agent to make any changes to your policy (adding a new car, adding a new driver, etc.)

Who should I contact if my policy has expired?
Remember, auto insurance is mandatory in most states.  If your policy has expired, contact your agent immediately to make a payment.

How do I report a claim?
After an accident or loss, call our claims hotline to report it.

877-499-8479 (Spanish Only Line)

I purchased Nation Safe Driver Road Side Assistance, who do I contact for Emergency Services?

All States - Customer Service

What should I do if I have an accident?

  1. Do not leave the scene.
    • Call the police immediately to report any accident, no matter how small, which results in personal injury or vehicle damage.
    • Notify the police about any medical assistance that may be needed or any vehicle that is not driveable.
    • Warn other vehicles by turning on your vehicle’s flashers and setting up flares.
    • Do not accept responsibility or otherwise discuss the accident with anyone except police authorities and your insurance company.
    • Do not accept any monetary settlement at the accident scene.
    • Remain calm and courteous.
  2. Exchange information with the other driver.
    • Write down the driver’s license number, license plate number and state.
    • Get the Insurance Company name and policy number.
    • Write down the make, model, year and description of the vehicle.
    • Record the name, address and telephone number of the other driver.
    • Write down the names and addresses of all passengers, injured persons or anyone with property damage.
    • Get the names and contact information from at least 2 witnesses if possible.
  3. Diagram the accident scene before leaving the scene.
    • Note time of day, weather and condition of roadway (wet, icy, dry).
    • Show positions of all vehicles involved in the accident.
    • Write down the details you feel are important.
    • After taking care of everything at the scene, notify your insurance company immediately.  Keep copies of all paperwork relating to the accident.
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